Occra Gives Away Incinerator to Covanta

Incinerator was paid for with grants and operating revenue.
Post-Standard Letter

June 19, 2013

To the Editor:

Reading your OCCRA article of June 18, I was surprised to learn that the OCCRA Board agreed to hire an appraiser and spend $200,000 for a negotiator in it's talks with Covanta, the operator of the incinerator who has the right to buy it in 2015. Really surprised, because it is clearly stated in OCCRA's 2012 annual report that Covanta has the option to buy the incinerator for $1. This important detail was missing from your article.

Separately, considering that the incinerator was paid for with operating revenue and government grants, one might also reasonably wonder why Covanta was granted the option to buy the incinerator for $1? Let's see. We paid for the incinerator, Covanta operated it and profited from it, and in 2015 Covanta can have it for free. We need better government.

Carlo Moneti
Syracuse, NY