Syracuse Should Sponsor Empire State Games

Post-Standard letter to the Editor.

January 13, 2009

To the Editor:

An open letter to Mayor Driscoll. Dear Mayor, the state has determined it can no-longer afford the $1.5 million it spends to run the $3 million Empire State Games. As ludicrous as that may seem to some people, it is a great opportunity for Syracuse.

I propose our great city of Syracuse takeover the sponsorship of the games (at least the summer games) and bring them permanently to Syracuse. The games reportedly provide around $5 million in economic stimulus. This number seems conservative and could certainly grow dramatically if the games were thoughtfully promoted and coupled with other summertime festivals and events.

I was quite surprised to read that the games cost only $3 million to run. What a cheap franchise. Surely, the city, and local university and colleges can work together as they have 11 times before to make the games a great success in Syracuse. "Syracuse Saves Empire State Games". What great public relations for our city. What a great addition to the cultural vitality of our city.

Carlo Moneti