Two Boulevards and a Bridge

A proposal to the NYS DOT for the I-81 Redevelopment Project.   See original submission below for overview.   Also included are related proposals and Syracuse "Efficient Streets" Initiative design concepts.

March 26, 2017
Comments on the SMTC Roundabout Feasibility Study of 2016. The original SMTC report can be found at: .
Download comments (2.2 MB): comments_SMTC_roundabout_study_2016.pdf

December 20, 2016
Open letter to U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx regarding the I-81 project. It argues for inclusion of a North Side street-grid alternative in the project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and that a full South Side and North Side street-grid solution will create a far greater economic stimulus than the other options, and that it is critical to the future economic and cultural prosperty of Syracuse.

October 12, 2016
Comments on DOT October 6th update of the I-81 Redevelopment Project. The designs incorporate more public suggestions, but there are still major issues to resolve.
Download comments (1.2 MB): i81_october_update.pdf

July 24, 2016
Comments on DOT Onondaga Lake Pkwy road safety improvement project—separate from the I-81 project, but related. Includes a Liverpool Village redesign concept.
Download proposal (1.1 MB, 5 pages): liverpool.pdf graphic of Liverpool Village concept

June 17, 2016
The "Magic Roundabout" deconstructed via one image – It doesn't pertain to the I-81 project, but it may provide additional insight into the nature of roundabouts.

June 8, 2016
Revision 3 Update: Northerly Traffic to Destiny Mall, Farmers Market, Transportation Hub, Stadium, etc. – eliminating the need to access Hiawatha Blvd.
Download proposal (532 kB): r3-1_update_liverpool.pdf

June 5, 2016
Design concept: Fast Compact Urban Interchange – Highway ramps and cross street meet at a 4-leg roundabout at highway underpass, providing continuous and high volume flow. Optional slip lanes further increase volume without adding to interchange footprint. (a.k.a underpass roundabout)
Download image (181 kB): fast_compact_urban_interchange.jpg

May 5, 2016
My submission to the Elevating Erie Competition – Ideas for transforming Erie Blvd from a suburban style arterial road into an Urban avenue. (Not part of the competition as it was a week late.)
Download proposal (4.6 MB): elevating_erie_slides.pdf
graphic Erie Blvd redesign concept

April 30, 2016
Redesign of Glenwood Ave / South Ave / Valley Dr Intersection. ("Efficient Streets" option)
Download proposal (1.3 MB): glenwood_south_roundel.pdf

April 26, 2016
Redesign of Butternut St / Grant Blvd Intersection. ("Efficient Streets" option)
Download proposal (377 kb): butternut_grant_roundabout.pdf

April 10, 2016
Addendum 2: Redesign of N Salina St, N State St, and Butternut St Intersections.
Download proposal (824.2 kb): salina_state_roundabouts.pdf
Last updated: Jul 8, 2017 (Replaced rejected first design with current image of street)

February 16, 2016
Revision 3: Redesign of the City Portion of I-81 North (revision 1 and 2 unpublished).
A.K.A missing "North Side street-grid alternative".
Download proposal (2.3 MB, 8 pages): revision_3-2_i81_north.pdf
Last updated: Aug 05, 2017 graphic of downtown redesign

August 24, 2015
Addendum 1: Clarification of Liverpool/Destiny Exit proposal.
Download proposal (1.1 MB): addendum_liverpool_exit.pdf

August 29, 2014
Original Submission.
Download proposal (9MB, 24 pages): i81_roundabouts_v2-1.pdf
(Document images are in HD resolution and are best viewed on screen in color with the
ability to zoom in and see the street names and other details.)
graphic of downtown

Carlo Moneti
Syracuse, NY